Matt has been playing/singing in one way or another since he was eight years old. He can remember the early days of sitting at the piano with his mom or singing along while his dad played folk tunes on the banjo. In his high school years, he started writing music, playing live and sharing his with the world (or at least the internet). While he was in college, Matt self-released his first two projects: a full-length album called Distracted (2009) and an EP called California (2011).

In November 2016, Matt released Up In The Woods, his first studio project in over five years. It’s a collection of contemplative ballads that captures a very formative time in the songwriter’s life and in many ways it symbolizes a fresh start. “Writing has always been a creative outlet for me and a primary part of my life’s development,” Litzinger explains. “However, there was a point when I started to focus more on musical success than being honest in my approach. For a while, I was writing music that didn’t reflect what I was experiencing and it took a long time to get back to writing songs that felt truthful.” The project explores themes of love and hope, while finding its resolution in learning to let go of the past and find joy in things yet to come.

Currently, Matt is working on a collection of new songs to be released in the coming year.