Sunbeam (Piper’s Song) – Behind The Song

June 1, 2017

My wife and I welcomed our first child into the world this January. Her name is Piper and she is such a blessing to our family.

Even before she was born, it was fun to dream about what her personality would be like and the impact she would have on the lives of others. I was excited to write music inspired by this beautiful little life. My goal with this song was to capture the feeling of warmth and joy that Piper brings to our family.

The song “You Are My Sunshine” is particularly special to me and was a major influence in the direction of this song. I’ve always used “my sunshine” as a term of endearment for my wife. It communicates what I love most about her – the ability to shift my focus from the anxiety of the day to gratefulness for things I typically take for granted. When we got married, my wife had my wedding ring inscribed with the phrase “Always your Sunshine” as a reminder of that special part of our relationship.

Piper has a way of evoking a similar feeling by turning the worst days around with her vibrant personality. Even though she isn’t old enough to know what it means to make someone happy or cheer them up, she certainly has a natural talent for it. There is something so disarming about her smile that makes you forget about everything else.

To say these first four months of parenthood have been crazy would be a giant understatement. However, they have been filled with many tiny moments of smiles and laughter from our little joy factory. There are always rough days, but I’m grateful to have Piper in our lives to be a joy-bringer and I hope we can do the same for her.

I hope you enjoy listening and I really hope this song reminds you of someone that brings warmth and joy to your life.

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