April 17, 2020

I was young and falling hard
For a girl named Chelue
Her gentle heart and her restless soul
She was the light of my world

We’d go walking in that summer heat
Hand in hand
Past the tree line to that railroad bridge
Where we could be alone

Summer passed like it always does
I got a job, you went to school
We went steady like most kids do
Fell in love for the very first time

We’d go dancing on Friday nights
Listen to the band
I’d sing you love songs and you just laughed,
But that was okay

We got married in ‘39
I remember like it was yesterday
I worked that morning and you were mad
But we both laugh about it now

We’d go driving on Sunday afternoons
With the windows down
Past the city and the highway signs
Where we could be free

Looking back on what we had
Oh my dear, I wouldn’t change a thing
Memories, they might come and go
But our love, it stays the same

We’ll be together for the rest of our lives
Until that fateful day
When one of us is called up
To the other side

Carry the light deep in your heart
Don’t let it fade away
Don’t cry love, cause I promise you this —
I’ll be waiting there, waiting there

I will always, always
I will always love you
I will always, always
I will always love you

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